Sit-down Exams Delayed For Some CET Students

Minister Nzimande addressed how the academic year will work for those in the Community Education and Training sector. This includes updates on Adult Education Training, Senior Certificate, as well as full time and part-time qualifications.

The Community Education and Training Sector is faced with a few issues, mainly regarding infrastructure. This sector uses schools after hours and has now had to adapt while the department figures out a way forward.

Due to the lack of infrastructure, the academic programme of the CET sector must now be aligned with the plan of the Department of Basic Education. 

Minister Nzimande spoke on how the return of staff will work:

25 May 2020: Principals, Deputy Principals and Supply Chain Management staff will return to work.

1 June 2020: Centre managers.

8 June 2020: all Lecturers.

Students registered for General Education Training Certificate, Senior Certificate as well National Occupational Certificates qualifications or part-qualifications, will return on June 17. 

The return of Adult Education Training Levels 1 to 3 students will be done at the same time as the return of learners in the lower Grades in public schools.

In the event that learning sites are in an area that is on level 4, the sites will remain closed.

Students currently registered for General Education and Training Certificate, Senior Certificate, National Occupational Certificates will only be able to write a sit-down examination in May or June 2021.


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