Security Company Locks School Gates As Dept Defaults Paying for Services

A gate locked with three padlocks and a rusty chain

Only a few days left before the exam season kickstarts, many learners across the country are hard at work preparing for their exams. This, however, is not the case for the learners at Lemana Secondary School as their preparations have been disrupted.  


Lemana Secondary School in Limpopo is said to have defaulted in paying for rendered services which has now resulted in learners being evicted.

The school security service provider took the decision to evict over 500 learners who have temporarily relocated to a local church. There are concerns that over 100 grade 12 learners from Lemana Secondary School may not be able to write their final exams.

It is however said that as a temporary measure, the matric learners have been accommodated at the nearby Elim High School.  

This as a security company, which is apparently owed payment for almost 15 months by the government, has locked the school premises, preventing the educators and learners from accessing it since Monday.

The Department of Public Works however refuted claims of owing the security company saying it has no active contract with the company. 

A learner at the school said the learning process is completely disrupted as they have no learning facility.  

This last week has affected us psychologically because we can’t learn, and we can’t prepare. 

Nheko says they are already behind, and the exams will be starting in a few days’ time. The school's name has been in the news since 2017 after a controversial construction company failed to complete renovations on the agreed deadline. 

The learners are now cramped in a small local church which can also be a Covid-19 super spreader situation. 

It is not clear whether the Department of Education in the province aims to intervene as the matric exam is only a week away. 

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