Schools Told To Not Withhold Reports


Schools have been told to not withhold reports. The department is now investigating and looking into the matter as some parents still experience difficulties.


The Gauteng Education Department is looking into schools after allegations surfaced that principals and School Governing Bodies (SGB) are withholding learners’ report cards for 2020.

Learners are being refused their reports due to having school fees outstanding, which is illegal. 

Gauteng Education Media Liaison Officer, Steve Mabona, said:

We normally inform our schools that they don't need to withhold reports if parents happen to owe any fees. They then need to make necessary arrangements with them committing on how they are going to be paying that.

Parents are encouraged to settle and honour the arrangements made with schools. 

The department has sent teams from the district office to visit schools so that they can have an understanding on what happened there.

Parents can apply for exemptions if they are not able to pay school fees due to specific circumstances such as being unemployed or in a position to not be able to work. 

Should parents be experiencing their child's report being withheld, they should then report it to district offices. They can also call 0800 000 789 where they will be guided on what to do.

Schools Reopening

Learners will be heading back to public schools on Monday 15 February. Teachers headed back on 1 February. 

1005 new teachers posts will be filled in Gauteng schools. 

Teachers have been getting ready for the 2021 school year and put plans in place to close the gaps in the curriculum which came as a result of the 2020 pandemic. 

Data has and is being collected in learners and teachers with comorbidities who are not able to come to schools. Numbers will be finalised next week.

Packs of work will then be prepared and delivered to these individuals so that they are on track with the curriculum.

School Feeding Scheme

Learners have already started being fed as part of the school feeding scheme.

The province feeds 1.5 million learners.

Minister Angie Motshekga will hold a briefing on Sunday on the state of readiness for schools to reopen.

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