Schools In Northern Cape See Decrease In Covid Cases

A decrease is now being seen in Northern Cape schools with the number of Covid cases being reported. Schools across the country are currently battling with a rise in Covid cases.


Northern Cape is now seeing a decrease in the number of Covid infections within it's schools. The province is said to have recorded 213 infections in schools over the past three weeks.

All schools are now open in the province with a number of schools previously being closed down due to infections.

The Head of the Department of Education in the Northern Cape said:

The situation is stabilising slightly and we do see a slight decrease in the numbers in the sense that for the past week, we've only had to close 3 schools in the province.

The department has been monitoring the situation at schools since reopening for the third term.

79 schools in the province were ready for a return to a traditional timetable while the rest of the schools in the province continued using the rotational timetable.

Some schools did not have the capacity to adhere to social distancing when all learners were present in class on a full-time basis. 

They now use the risk adjusted strategy which means that they assess the situation school by school and then act on those observations.

As for the teacher vaccination rollout, there was initially concerns about the number teachers and school staff wanting to take the vaccine, showing a slow uptake.

However, the HOD says it has since turned around with over 12 000 vaccinations having been administered when the programme ended.

Vaccinations for individuals working within the education sector still continue as part of the national vaccine rollout.

With gaps existing within the progress of students academically, Northern Cape is said to have challenges with Matrics. They do however have catch up programmes in place to support these learners.


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