School Contact Sports Have Been Suspended

School Contact Sports Has Been Suspended

It's official! The Department of Basic Education has reached a decision and announced that contact sports are now suspended in schools. The decision was made on Wednesday morning.


School contact sports have been suspended with immediate effect. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) announced it after holding a meeting on Wednesday morning.

In a statement released by the DBE, it read:

The Council of Education Ministers has taken a decision to suspend all contact sports in schools with immediate effect.

Schools are however allowed to continue with training for non-contact sports making sure that safety protocols are followed such as social distancing, hygiene and other safety measures. Participants must also have no physical contact between them.

This suspension comes after outbreaks were seen in Gauteng schools after school sports activities happened. The department further said that these outbreaks have been gradually increasing in Term 2.

It is evident that despite following the protocols as guided by the Directors on extramural activities and Standard Operating Procedure on the prevention, containment and management of COVID-19 in schools, contact sports events will contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Further confirmation of the risk contact sports poses came from the Outbreak Response Team who said that the risk was high when engaged in close-contact sports, especially with people who did not live together.

This suspension will continue until the outbreak is over "with no further cases reported".

The Department has said that they will monitor the situation.


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