SASSA's New System Will Take Away The Long Wait

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SASSA will now be introducing a new system which might save many South Africans a lot of time and energy. This new system also comes after many complaints were lodged by SASSA recipients and others who witnessed this great inconvenience as well.

SASSA is now tackling the issue of long queues outside the South African Post Office (SAPO) pay points by introducing an electronic voucher system.

The Postbank and Post Office have come together to develop an electronic voucher payment system for those who benefit from SASSA grants and the COVID-19 Special Relief of Distress grant which sees them receive R350.

This new electronic voucher system will enable grant recipients to cash their vouchers at retail outlets. With this new system, there is hope that long queues outside pay points will be a thing of the past. Some recipients are in these lines since the sun rises while other individuals are left to stand in them for hours.

After witnessing the inconvenience SASSA grantholders experience with standing in long queues, Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, has emphasised the importance of making the banking service digital as soon as possible. 

Last week, Cabinet announced the appointment of non-executive directors of the Postbank and Post Office respectively. Ndabeni-Abrahams said these appointments come at time when stability is urgently needed within these institutions. said, "The Postbank is required to establish a presence with unbanked and under-banked communities to advance financial inclusion. At its core mandate, the Postbank is positioned to be a critical stakeholder in furthering financial inclusion of the financially marginalised."

There are no further details on how exactly this voucher system is going to work just yet. 

SASSA is now "drowning in a set of administrative challenges" when it comes to their R350 grant, as was said to Parliament. This comes after SASSA introduced a further appeals process when millions of rejected applications were found.

It was revealed when SASSA representatives spoke to the National Assembly that 300 000 email claims have not yet been seen to as well as 4000 phone calls being receiving no answer daily. 

To deal with these issues with backlogs, SASSA will be instating a call centre which will handle 90% of the email claims and 80% of the phone calls. 

Masango has said that should SASSA have taken the advice and suggestions they were given, "vulnerable South Africans might have had more of a fighting chance these past six months with their R350 grants," but that the way they handled it has now lead to uncertainty in many lives.

As SASSA engages with communities, there is hope that their new systems and processes which are being put in place will help towards the bigger issues while also helping many vulnerable South Africans who depend on them to survive.

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