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SASSA's New Plan For Disability Grants

The current state of emergency has made it difficult for many to renew their disability grant applications. SASSA has now developed a strategy to help people renew their disability grants. 


SASSA has decided to extend disability grants that were supposed to lapse in March until the end of October. 

Temporary disability grants have a lifespan of 12 months, and after this period, grant recipients must reapply. In addition to this,  they require an assessment to be done by a medical doctor. 

The current national state has made it difficult for the Health Department to offer services such as assessing disability grant patients. This is because health resources have had to be directed towards fighting Covid-19.

The strategy that SASSA has come up with plans to make room for assessments to be done. It has categorised disability grants according to how they will be prioritised. 

Priority 1: SASSA will look into helping people who did medical assessments before the lockdown and were unable to complete their applications.

Disability grants are only valid for a period of three months, and applicants are expected to go in for a medical assessment to verify that they still qualify for the grant. 

Priority 2: SASSA will then give second priority to applicants who were booked for medical assessments but could not do them before the lockdown.

Priority 3: The third group that SASSA will prioritise will be beneficiaries of the permanent disability grant who were last paid in January 2020 because they did not complete the review process. 

Priority 4: This category refers to urgent cases that were referred by the department of health. Medical assessments must have already been done. 

"This could be, for example, clients who were hospitalised and discharged but are not able to be employed because of their disability."

Priority 5: New applicants who need to be booked for assessments.

"In order to comply with the Covid-19 protocols, the number of assessments per session have been reduced from 40 to 20. This will enable sanitisation of the facility and equipment between clients."

SASSA is now in the process of finding new spaces where assessments can be done as an alternative. 

"Sassa is acutely aware of the challenges persons with disabilities have faced as a result of the non-availability of assessment services and is doing everything possible to attend to the many cases that require attention."





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