SASSA Will Soon Announce Opening Date For R350 Grant Applications

Everyone is itching to get the Special Relief of Distress grant with SASSA saying they will soon announce dates for when the application system will open. Keep reading to find out more on where government stands with the grant.


SASSA has said that they will soon announce when applications for the R350 grant will open and everyone is eagerly waiting.

It's no surprise when fake messages circulate concerning SASSA and the R350 grant with the agency once again needing to clear the air. 

A fake message was floating around saying that R350 grant applications will open on 3 August and giving further details about the grant. Now, SASSA has said the following:

The notice below is fake and does NOT come from SASSA. Details and date on which the application system re-opens will be announced soon.

The picture shared was as follows:

SASSA grant application fake news

It then proceeded to give instructions on how to apply and who can apply for the grant, claiming that all this information comes from SASSA management.

Here's what we know so far

This grant is separate from the last round of the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant which means that if you applied for the grant then, you are going to have to apply again.

The new round of the SRD grant is not an extension of the previous one, but rather a reinstatement. Government has therefore made it clear that there will be no May, June and July payments. If you were receiving R350 grant monies during this month, it was back payments for previous months.

No details have been shared when it comes to how applications will work. However, Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu, who's department oversees SASSA has said that they are working on and improving the online platform.

SASSA has also said,"Clients need to resubmit their details because not all details would by now be the same as previously. This is to allow beneficiaries to be able to also choose their now preferred payment method." 

Unemployed caregivers who currently receive the child support grant will also be able to apply for the grant this time around as Government realised that caregivers and mothers need the money more and rely on the child support grant. This means that the R350 will be added to their existing grant.

Applications are not yet open for the grant but when they are, they will then be open until March 2022.


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