Sassa Will Make Faster Grant Payments

With new lockdown regulations and after delays in paying the R350 grant, Sassa will be able to make faster payments as Lockdown level 3 begins. 

When lockdown level 3 begins, Sassa will be able to make payments faster to grant beneficiaries. They have also set new dates for the payments of various grants.

After it was revealed that Sassa had delays in payments and only paid 10 out of millions of applicants for the R350 special Covid grant, Sassa has apologised and will now be able to step up their game. 

Earlier delays were as a result of the multiple processes involved with putting payments through as well as verifying and approving applicants information. With level 3 seeing lockdown regulations being gradually eased, this allowed for Sassa offices to operate at full capacity. With more offices open and more people working, faster payments are guaranteed.

At the start of lockdown, only one third of the staff were at work, which also resulted in slower processing of information and payments. 

DA's Shadow Minister of Social Development, Bridget Masango, said last week, "the limited number of Sassa staff can't cope with the magnitude of people needing help in the limited hours per day they are on duty which severelyimpairs Sassa's ability to provide basic frontline services to the public".

Another way Sassa will ensure faster payments is through the various methods of applications and payment that it has opened up for those wanting to receive funding through the special Covid grant.

Level 3 also allows more post offices to operate which would give further access to those who have no access to electronic transactions. 

Sassa has outlined the following dates for payments:

  • Sassa grant recipients 3 June
  • Pensioners 4 June
  • Disabled grantholders 4 June
  • Child grant 4 June
  • Other grants 5 June

Around 5 million unemployed South Africans have applied for the R350 Sassa grant. 



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