SASSA Warns Of Card Swopping Scam

Reports have been circulating on social media about scammers pretending to be SASSA agents. The scammers promise beneficiaries that they can swop their SASSA cards for food vouchers. This is not the first time that scammers have taken advantage of unsuspecting beneficiaries.

The scammers would take the real cards from SASSA beneficiaries and give them fake cards. KwaZulu-Natal SASSA spokesperson Sandy Godlwana has urged SASSA beneficiaries to beware of the scam and beware of people visiting their homes promising one thing in exchange for another. 

“Sassa is not currently issuing food vouchers and is not planning to embark on a card swop drive. Changing of cards and PIN resets can only be done at Sassa and South African Post Offices. Under no circumstances will Sassa visit households to swop cards,” said Godlwana.

She said SASSA has not received any complaints from victims yet, but they are aware that some beneficiaries have fallen victim to the scam.  

“There are some people who have not received their payments because their cards were taken, so we have arranged for those who have been scammed to make an affidavit confirming their story and then visit our offices to receive manual payments,” she said.

Cards and pins can only be changed at SASSA or at the South African Post Offices. Regional executive manager for SASSA in KZN, Themba Matlou has asked the public to report any scams.

“We appeal to the public to be vigilant, if beneficiaries are suspicious of anything related to their cards, they must immediately call or visit their nearest SASSA offices or report at the nearest police station,” 

SASSA has an anti-fraud strategy to crack down on criminals and anyone trying to take advantage of beneficiaries.  

SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela said as part of the anti-fraud strategy, SASSA is working with the justice system to crack down on attempts of fraud and theft. 

"We have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and will stop at nothing to root it out at first sight, so criminals, be warned," said Memela. 

"This strategy is driven by multi-disciplinary teams of law enforcers who collaborate to detect fraud and unleash the might of the law on those suspected of committing it."

Members of the public are encouraged to report cases of corruption to the anti-corruption hotline on 0800 43 43 73.

"We need to work together even more with the public to fight corruption and ensure that public funds are not abused by anyone," said SASSA.

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