SASSA To Start Staggering Grant Payments

Minister Lindiwe Zulu has said that SASSA will start staggering grant payments from today. She also said that discussions on extending the Special Relief of Distress grant continue.


Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu, has said that payments of grants will commence today, 6 July. 

During her speech on the Alert Level 4 of the Risk-Adjusted Strategy, she said:

This month, payments of social grants will start on Tuesday 6 July. Once again, we appeal to all grant recipients that they do not need to collect their grants on the day it becomes available, but can collect their grants on any day as their monies will remain in their accounts and will not be taken away from them.

Over R700 million in R350 grants are yet to paid to qualifying beneficiaries with Zulu saying that this is due to SASSA needing to verify whether people qualified or not. SASSA has announced that payments are underway and that those who have been approved will still get paid.

If you applied before 30 April but you're waiting for feedback, if you're approved or have already been, you will then still receive payments backdated from the month you applied. Payments will however only be made for the month of April or earlier.

The Minister said she continues to fight for the extension on the R350 grant.

“We are still in engagement with Treasury. Yes, of course we are conscious of the fact that the purse is really really squeezed because there’s so much demands, including the demand of the buying of the vaccines,” she continued to explain.

The department hopes that with the continued discussion, they might get a positive response from the Minister of Finance as well as Treasury. 

Government has previously said that they can’t afford to extend the grant any further.

When the grant was introduced, it was supposed to come to an end in October 2020 but continued to be extended until it’s last extension of 30 April. However, with lockdown continuing, more job losses being seen and fewer jobs available, many argue that the grant should still be continuing.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, you can do so by phone on 0800 60 10 11 or through email at


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