SASSA Tells Disability Grant Applicants To Apply For R350 Grant

SASSA has been turning away disability grant applicants and telling them to rather apply for the R350 grant, according to Mail & Guardian. 

Mail & Guardian published an article which stated that SASSA was turning away those applying to benefit from the disability grant and telling them to rather apply for the R350 grant. The disability grant usually comes to a total of R1860, which is almost six times more than the Covid relief grant set up by SASSA.

Mail and Guardian stated, "Doctors said this is happening to claimants despite them meeting the relevant criteria."

According to human rights organisation Black Sash, the blocking of disability grant applications began at the beginning of lockdown and will possibly only be lifted in October. 

The usual process for individuals to be accepted as a disability grantholder would see them getting a medical report from their doctor and then seeing a surgeon SASSA recommends for an assesment. This is linked to the rejection of new disability grant applications, says Evashnee Naidu, the Black Sash’s KwaZulu-Natal manager. No surgeons have been seeing these applicants so that they can't be exposed to the virus. 

SASSA has opened their offices up again during lockdown for pensioners, child care and foster care grants but not for disability grants. 

Read the full article by Mail & Guardian here

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