SASSA Raises Suspicion About High Number of Grants

SASSA has discovered a high number of temporary disability grant holders in the Western Cape. They are conducting research with The University of Cape Town, to understand the reason behind the abnormally high numbers.


SASSA says Western Cape records a suspiciously high number of temporary disability grants. 

As the temporary disability grants lapsed at the end of December, 2020, SASSA discovered that more than quarter of the lapsed grants were from the Western Cape.

The suspicious high numbers resulted in the Western Cape working with The University of Cape Town (UCT) to conduct research of the abnormally high numbers.

Of the 197 452 lapsed grants, almost 50 000 of them came from the Western Cape. The research conducted by UCT is to help understand the disabled environment of the province, and figure out how to assist them.

16 000 of the grant were paid to grant holders that turn 60 in the 2021, by which the grant will continue to be paid until the beneficiary turns 60. The re-application process ended on the 31st of March, and on the 12th of April, 167 856 clients are being booked for medical assessments and 129 851 have already been examined.

SASSA wishes to use the current experience as a chance to learn how they can provide a more effective and innovative ways that they can develop all their disability grants, for example an online booking system for medical assessment that suits the clients better, and that doesn’t require them to come to the SASSA offices.

The temporary disability grant will continue into the future, lasting each client 6-12 months. The ability to improve service delivery and reduce the numbers of times any one client has to return to a SASSA office in order to re-apply for the grant is thus ongoing.

This situation is under control and the innovations introduced will enhance customer experience  

SASSA CEO Totsie Memela concluded. 

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