Sassa Pays R350 Grant To Thousands

Since changing their payment dates, Sassa has paid thousands who applied for the R350 SRD grant. 

After Sassa reported glitches and delays and only paid 10 individuals, they have now made progress in paying SRD grantholders.

Up until 27 May, Sassa has paid 6470 SRD grantholders in Kwazulu-Natal and that total would have increased since. Payments should be faster as Sassa can now operate at full capacity. 

The province has seen 1,3 million applications for the R350 grant. Sassa is said to have paid 116 867 clients for the Special COVID-19 SRD Grant by 31 May.

Sassa provincial spokesperson Sandy Godlwana has stated that, "Applicants are urged not to send supporting documentation because this slows down the system. Should the application be successful, Sassa will contact the applicant and ask for banking details on the phone number submitted". 

When funds are paid out to beneficiaries, it will remain in their account until the beneficiary decides to withdraw it. This means that there is no rush for people who are being paid to withdraw funds the day it is put into their accounts. 

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