SASSA: How To Deal With ID Issues

Many Sassa applicants and beneficiaries have relayed that there seems to be an issue in processing details from Identity Documents (IDs). Sassa has responded with what to do when this issue pops up. 


SASSA has responded to the messages received by SASSA beneficiaries about issues they were having with processing Identity Documents (IDs). 

Should you have entered the incorrect ID number, you will need to reapply as that application will be deemed as invalid. You are instructed to send your ID Number and cell number to  A new SMS will then be sent to you.

If you entered the incorrect cell phone number or banking details, the person can call the call centre. SASSA would like to remind the public that they have high call volumes. You are therefore encouraged to be a bit patient when calling in.

For further assistance, you are advised to contact the SASSA office in your province, where they will be able to assist her with the error. Should you be going to the post office to enquire, make sure to take your original ID and SMS with.

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