SASSA Grant Payments Postponed After Offices Were Destroyed

Due to the looting, chaos and destruction in the country, SASSA beneficiaries and their grant payments are being affected. Various post offices and SASSA offices have been destroyed.


The outbreaks of violence we have seen in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng have been affecting the most vulnerable. Now, SASSA grants are being postponed.

Minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, was briefing the media on interventions to rebuild the economy being done by government when she said:

SASSA grants that were earmarked to be paid on 20 July have been postponed to a later date.

This postponement is due to 20 SASSA local offices and 21 Post Offices in KZN were vandalized and burnt down. This will apply therefore only apply for Kwazulu-Natal beneficiaries as Gauteng SASSA beneficiaries started receiving their grants again a few days ago. 

Ntshavheni continued to say that these offices are not offering social services and that beneficiaries have been advised to use ATM and shops to access their social grants instead. 

The Post Office also shared the following:

If you want to collect your grant today from a post office, please consider going later in the week. Some of our branches are unable to pay out today - the result of the unrest last week and interruptions to logistical arrangements.

In Gauteng, one SASSA offices located in Alexandra was burnt down and beneficiaries were then referred to alternative sites.

"This is of great concern to us as government because this will have great impact on the vulnerable who will not be able to access social support from SASSA," Ntshavheni continued.

SASSA released a statement last Sunday saying that services will resume at cash paypoints for SASSA grants in Gauteng. They were previously suspended due to the unrest.

The agency continued to say:

The situation is now relatively under control and new payment dates have been circulated to affected beneficiaries especially in rural areas. 

"Gauteng and the Western Cape have already received this service at their cash paypoints," SASSA said.



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