SASSA Grant Payments Might Be Impacted By Post Office Closures

Even though the R350 grant has come to an end, SRD grant payments still continue. Some of these payments are done through the Post Office. A number of Post Offices will be closed around the country which could affect SASSA grant beneficiaries.


Some SASSA R350 grant beneficiaries receive their grant money through the Post Office. However, a number of post offices have been closing which could affect not only R350 grant beneficiaries but other social grant recipients as well.

The South African Post Office (SAPO) has said:

the last R350 SRD grant payment was 30 April 2021. We are now paying beneficiaries that have pay dates status update for the previous months.

SAPO also advised beneficiaries to not visit their local post office unless they have received a pay status update or SMS to say they can fetch their grant monies.

SASSA has also mentioned, "All qualifying applicants who applied, successfully verified and approved will receive their payments. Payment is still currently in progress."

Beneficiaries who have not received payment yet will receive their payments in time. As one knows with this grant, it's sometimes a long waiting game.

There are 8 million SASSA beneficiaries who use SAPO to fetch their social grants. The closure of 130 post offices will then affect these individuals.

SAPO CEO, Nomkhita Mona, said:

The reality is that in 2016, the SA Post Office's decision to rationalise it's post officez was based on the fact that if you went to the urban areas, you could find that there could easily be 3 post offices within a 3-5km radius so that, we believe, is not a viable business model.

50 post offices have already been closed and the rest of the 130 will see closures in the next 2 to 3 years. 

Nomkhita says that these closures won't affect beneficiaries and the services they need much and that these closures won't happen in rural areas.

If you have outstanding SRD Grant payments which need to be collected at the Post Office, you may select the SAPO branch where you wish to collect, by visiting the SRD website here. By doing this, SASSA says it will help them make sure that they are able to schedule your collection as soon as possible.

Applications for the R350 grant came to an end on 31 April with appeals closing just a few days ago on 31 May. There has been no official word on whether the grant will be extended or not.

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