SASSA Grant Payment Dates For January 2021

As the year draws to an end SASSA has announced the dates for beneficiaries to get paid for January 2021. SASSA issues grants to vulnerable South Africans all over.

The South African Social Agency (SASSA) recently released the various payment dates for the month of January 2021, they are as follows:

  • Older Person's Grants  4 January 2021 
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts.
  • Disability Grants 5 January 2021 
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts.
  • All other grants 6 January 2021

SASSA has assured beneficiaries that:

There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day. Once the money is in the account, it will remain there until it is needed.

When withdrawing your money be sure to observe all COVID-19 protocols by wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands and keeping a safe distance from those around you. 

SASSA initiated a pilot of their online system allowing for child support, older persons and foster child grant applications in September and they plan to add disability-related grants to the online process as well. 

Recently SASSA experienced security lapses in the issuing of social grant cards which exposed the personal information of an estimated 12 million beneficiaries. 

"It must be noted that the potentially compromised cards did not result in any social grant beneficiary losing any social grant money. The fraud that has been experienced by social grant clients has been as a result of poor implementation of controls in the management of the cards within the post office environment, and not because of the security of the card itself. The security lapse for the master keys of the SASSA cards is not something which happened wihtin the past few months, but right at the start of the payment contract with SAPO," said Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu. 

SASSA has developed a fraud prevention strategy and exercises zero tolerance to any person who commits fraud in the social grant environment.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to always be honest and update SASSA if their financial circumstances change. SASSA will be doing checks to ensure that the financial information provided by beneficiaries is complete and accurate so that the grants are provided to those who qualify for them.  

Furthermore, every citizen in this country has a responsibility to report wrongdoing and this extends to the reporting of grants being received by citizens who do not qualify for them.

SASSA said it will continue to call on citizens to report the misuse and incorrect payment of social grants and promised to continue preventing fraud.





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