SASSA Grant Payment Dates For December

sassa card used for sassa grant payments

Now that we're reaching the end of November and December is about to begin, it's important to know when you can fetch your SASSA grant. Here are the dates for SASSA payments for December.


Time zooms by as we are already inching towards December. With the end of the month looming, that means it's almost time to collect SASSA grants.

SASSA released the following SASSA grant payment dates:

  • Older Person's Grants 1 December 2021
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts
  • Disability Grants 2 December 2021
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts
  • Foster Care Grants 3 December 2021
  • Care Dependency Grants 3 December 2021
  • Child Support Grants 3 December 2021

As for the SRD grant, there is no set payment date. However, should you be receiving the grant at a Post Office, the Post Office will not be disbursing the grant on the above dates.

With Post Office payments, your collection day is determined by the last 3 digits of your ID number. The Post Office is yet to announce the SASSA grant payment schedule for December. Click here to find out the SRD grant payment dates for November.

Beneficiaries of the R350 grant who receive their SASSA grant payouts through the Post Office, a Boxer store or a PicknPay store are urged to wait for an SMS saying their grant is ready before they go out to collect.

SASSA has said that beneficiaries will receive their grants for the months that they qualify for, keeping in mind that patience is key when it comes to R350 grant payments.

Should you do a SASSA status check on your R350 grant application and it shows that it is approved with no paydate, it means payment has not been processed yet but will be.



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