SASSA Grant Applications Found On Roadside

Copies of SASSA grant applications were found on the streets of Ndwedwe, north of Durban. The Post Office has had to answer for how this sensitive information ended up in the streets.

The documents were found by a resident who posted on Facebook, calling SASSA out for being reckless. The South African Post Office said it will be investigating the matter in order to get to the bottom of it. 

Sassa KwaZulu Natal spokesperson Sandy Godlwana, said the documents were taken from the post office and not SASSA offices. This happened during a burglary on 10 August, where the burglars set the building on fire.

“Seemingly those involved had taken lots of documents and paperwork within SAPO and whilst fleeing dropped lots of documents on the street and some of it relates to copies of identity documents and letters of awards of beneficiaries that Sassa as per normal procedure normally sends to SAPO when going to enrol for a new payment card for a client,” said Godlwana.

South African Post Office spokesperson Nobuhle Njapha said they do not know how the grant applications ended up on the street. She said the documents were meant to be locked up in a records room. 

“The matter was reported to SAPS and our security for a thorough investigation whether internal or external as nothing can be ruled out at this moment,” said Njapha.

She said the post office was taking action to make sure those responsible can be held accountable. 

“We appeal to the public to come forward with any information that can assist SAPO in moving forward with its investigation, our crime buster hotline number is 0800 020 070,” said Njapha.


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