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SASSA Gives Second Chance To Thousands Of Rejected Applicants


SASSA has paid out thousands of those who were first rejected from receiving the R350 grant. This came after many complained aabout being unfairly rejected to benefit from the grant which lead SASSA to investigate further. 


End of June saw SASSA address complaints of applicants being unfairly rejected for the R350 grant. SASSA recorded that 50% of the applicants who applied for the grant did not qualify. More than 70% of those who did not qualify were rejected because they qualified to get benefits from the UIF.

The question that was then asked was, as for previously disqualified people, are they being reconsidered to benefit from the grant? It was then found that 900,000 people who applied for the grant were on the UIF database and they did actually qualify for the grant and SASSA has since paid them.

To this, Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu responds, "Yes, we are reconsidering them but we are keeping to the original direction of who qualifies".

She made it clear that this second chance doesn't necessarily change the original criteria for who qualifies. Anyone who gets any other social grants does not qualify and anyone who gets any money from UIF will also not qualify.

The Minister further commented, 

I got worried when I saw the number of those who didn't qualify running up to 3 million. I just thought something wasn't right there and then I asked SASSA to please relook into it because I didn't think it was proper that we had so many who were disqualified when we had 8 million people that had applied.

She said that she felt that 3 million people being rejected was a bit too much.

SASSA then went back to their systems to check why these people were disqualified and it was found that many of them were under UIF. The reason for the rejections came from some of them having received money from UIF years back and from that, they still remained in the system and in UIF's database, Zulu explained.

SASSA is in the process of contacting those who qualify. They will receive an SMS asking them to provide banking details. The SMS will be followed by a link, which cannot be shared with others. 

SASSA's CEO, Totsie Memela, said “Updating the UIF database has brought such a relief to us and the affected beneficiaries, the numbers will rise daily until we have paid all deserving individuals who were previously declined”.



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