SASSA Explains Changes To Grant Payment Dates

SASSA has recently decided to designate certain days for specific grant payments, scroll down to find out why they have enforced this new system. 


Before the pandemic, beneficiaries would be given one day and from that day, they would then start collecting their grants.

Now, due to the rise in COVID-19 infections, SASSA has decided that it would be best to allow certain grant beneficiaries to collect their payments on different days to avoid causing a larger spike in COVID-19 cases.

SASSA explained:

This is our contribution to maintaining social distance and protecting the vulnerable from congestion at payment facilities. We humbly request beneficiaries to make adjustments with their creditors and budgets -it was a hard decision to take but circumstances forced us to take it.

As we are approaching July, SASSA has released the payment dates for certain grants. The dates are as follows:

  • Older Person's Grant: 6 July 2021
  • Disability Grant: 7 July 2021
  • Foster Care Grant: 8 July 2021
  • Care Dependency Grant: 8 July 2021
  • Child Support Grant: 8 July 2021

The South African Social Security Agency has been providing many South Africans, who are in need, with financial support since 2005. The organization was created on behalf of the Social Development Department. 

Their aim was to improve the standards of living in South Africa by providing the most vulnerable with financial support from the government. 

The following grants are distributed:

  • Care Dependency Grant
  • Child Support Grant
  • Disability Grant
  • Foster Child Grant
  • Old Person's Grant
  • War Veteran's Grant
  • Grant-In-Aid
  • Social Relief Of Distress Grant

Click here to find out more about these grants.

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