SASSA Clarifies R350 Grant Payment Messages

Many messages have been floating around about the R350 grant, especially as many beneficiaries have complained about missing payments. SASSA has now stepped up and set the record straight on R350 grant payments.


Some R350 grant beneficiaries might have seen a message about triple payments, SASSA has now stepped up and given us some clarity.

The following message has been floating around:

Attention if you haven't received your last R350 for the passed months. Many people yesterday received R700 SASSA and some receive triple pay R1050.

They then advise you to click on a link in order to check your next payment date and further tells you to send them a message and they will pay you in five minutes.

SASSA has made the following clear:

The below information is NOT true and does not come from SASSA.

They further state, "All special COVID-19 SRD grant beneficiaries who have been approved but not yet paid can rest assured that they will be paid as soon as possible".

Beneficiaries are told, by SASSA, that they will be paid for all the months that they qualify for.

Even though the grant has ended, payments are still in progress.

You should never click on links or send your personal details to people who don't come from the official organisation.

SASSA is often at the centre of many scams with criminals taking advantage of vulnerable individuals. 

Members of the public are encouraged to report cases of corruption to the anti-corruption hotline on 0800 43 43 73.


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