SASSA Applicants Urged To Check Their Status

Recently, SASSA's CEO Totsie Memela conducted monitoring and compliance visits to Western Cape local offices.



According to SASSA's CEO Totsie Memela, pre-SONA and post-SONA engagements are held with different communities to understand how SASSA management is taking place at SASSA offices, what needs improvement, and how they can serve the people of South Africa better.

Memela believes that taking the SASSA service to South Africans is important, rather than letting them travel to SASSA offices.

Travelling to SASSA offices can cost SASSA beneficiaries lots of money as many of them have to take multiple taxis.

SASSA continues to work on improving digital application systems to allow these applicants to save their money and apply for social grants from their homes.

Memela also encourages applicants to update their details online, if they have changed, to ensure that SASSA can contact them and to speed up the processing of their application.

By the end of March, applicants are encouraged to contact SASSA offices if they have not yet received their social grant payments.

SASSA applicants are urged to regularly check their application status in the event of no payment.

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