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SA Students Return From China Unaffected by Coronavirus


South African students who were studying and teaching in China have returned home while the rest of the world continues to fear the Coronavirus. There has however been good news as a decline in cases were shown. 

The students returning to South Africa today left China where they were studying Early Childhood Development at various institutions. Prior to their arrival in South Africa, they were quarantined and banned from traveling anywhere. After a ban that involved people being unable to leave China, there has now been some developments. There was a change in policy after Chinese and domestic officials were stern to not allow the students to return home in order to prevent possible Coronavirus outbreaks. 

The COVID-19 Virus, as it's officially known, has garnered 71442 cases worldwide with 1776 deaths and 11343 of those infected having recovered. Along with 29 countries having been affected by the virus, a cruise ship was also found to carry the virus with 454 cases present on the ship. A slight decline in new reported cases was found for the Coronavirus.

The South African has reported that, "One student revealed that the situation was under control where she was based, and praised the authorities for “keeping them safe” during a time of panic and confusion". 

There have been no cases reported in South Africa. South Africa's Health Department have set out to be prepared if the virus hits South Africa and has had medical teams and professionals be briefed on what to expect from the Coronavirus. 


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