Rhodes SRC Calls For Pause To Academic Commitments

Rhodes University protest action continues as the Student Representative Council presents the students demands and they are not met. In the recent meeting with the Deputy Vice Chancellor they discussed the students issues and made decisions on how they will be going about these issues. 


Rhodes University Student Representative Council (SRC) has released a statement saying that they will be proceeding to protest after having met Deputy Vice Chancellor (VC). 

Despite the meeting being held, the SRC were still not happy with the final decision that was made as their demands were not fully met.

In the meeting with the Deputy VC, the SRC members highlighted what issues were mentioned in the meeting and the following was discussed: 

  1. Supplying food for residence students - In the meeting the SRC requested student in the residences are supplied with food. The University agreed to distribute food to the student and are currently look for suppliers of dry foods. The SRC says that the outlets outside of the Makhanda area re reluctant to deliver in the area. 
  2. Academic commitments - The SRC requested that the University put a halt to all academic activities until the decision is made on whether or not the protest continues. The University rejected their request says that all academic commitments will remain in order as learning is taking place online and not all student will be affected by the protest. 
  3. Health care services - Counselling services will continue remotely and health care services will still remain available to students. The SRC says that should students have medical emergencies they should contact the relevant wardening structure or hospital.  

Rhodes SRC states that the communication between the university and its students regarding the above issues are disheartening. They then proceed to advice the University to make use of its communication division to keep students updated on any plan or emergencies that they need to be informed of. 

The protects are seeming to continue as the students demands are still not being dealt with accordingly.  

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