Res Students Stay Behind To Fight UCT Fire

A video showing how students saved their residence from sustaining worse damage from the Cape Town fire is now floating around and even has some viewers in tears. Evacuated students started returning on Thursday.


I'm sure we've all seen the video showcasing some violent scenes of the UCT fire which destroyed various buildings and that it touched all our hearts.

Titled, 'NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES', we see students of the University and security guards battle the fire as screams of 'Let's go' are heard and even students wishing each other good luck.

The warden and his son were amongst those who stayed behind to fight the fire.

Without help from these students and other members of the University,the residences would've been damaged much further.

Students running with their belongings trying to evacuate, rooms filled with smoke and roofs completely destroyed. These are all horrors which were seen on Monday.


Both Fuller Hall Residence and Smuts Residence sustained damage to it. 

During a live with Varsity News on Tuesday morning, the VC said that Smuts is not as badly damaged as Fuller with Fuller sustaining damage to it's roof and walls while Smuts was only damaged on one floor.

Students from these residences who were evacuated are now being accommodated at temporary accommodation sites organised by the university.


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