Rapper AKA In The Spotlight As Allegations Against GBV Surfaces

aka breaking down door in video

A few days ago a video and images surfaced on social media which had fans following the AKA and Nelli Tembe case, questioning Nelli Tembe and AKA's relationship. In the videos and photos which surfaced, a month prior to Nelli's death, AKA can be seen breaking down a door in order to get to Nelli.

"Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence that is directed at an individual based on his or her biological sex OR gender identity. It includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, threats, coercion, and economic or educational deprivation, whether occurring in public or private life." - womenforwomen.org


Nelli is also pictured with bruises on her face, holding an ice pack over her cheek. 

According to reports, in the video Tembe can be heard telling AKA to calm down.

Forbes released a statement over the weekend addressing the video and images, saying that he and Tembe “enjoyed a beautiful yet challenging relationship that at times was tumultuous, like all relationships”.

Despite what many people might think, AKA also said in his statement, “I, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes have not been named to be a suspect but have been nothing but a co-operating witness."

Statement can be found on AKA's Instagram page.

Photo Supplied: AKA Instagram

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