Ramaphosa’s Cabinet Criticized for Lack of Youth Representation

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President Cyril Ramaphosa is known for encouraging the youth to step up and get involved in the affairs of the country, but his recent cabinet reshuffle tells the opposite. Read further for more details.


Ramaphosa’s recent Cabinet reshuffle was quite a disappoint to those who wished to see the involvement of the youth in the running of the state.

The ANC national youth task team has criticised President Cyril Ramaphosa for failing to bring young people into his Cabinet in last week's reshuffle.

In a statement, the task team said it was disappointing that there was not a single young person in the Cabinet despite the youthful age profile of the country.

Youth Capital's Project leader, Kristal Duncan-Williams, says Ramaphosa contradicted himself as he usually supports youth development in his statements:

On Youth Day, the President said young people need to step up and start taking action for themselves. Young people are saying how can we take that action if we are not given a seat at the table.

Duncan-Williams continued to ask the question of why the President is reshuffling old Ministers who don’t even qualify to manage their given portfolios and that Ramaphosa’s Cabinet sends a clear message of backwardness.

She continued to say that Ramaphosa reshuffled people who have been involved in corruption allegations before which is insignificant for a President who wants to fight corruption and empower youth for the future of South Africa.

The Youth Capital Project Leader also said the President should have considered the crisis of youth unemployment adding that if this crisis is not disrupted, the country will continue to face intergenerational poverty.

There is no shared collective agenda to fight youth unemployment and the old Ministers have no idea what’s like to be youthful in the 21st century.

Young people should start looking at where their votes are going and start at the local level to ensure that their voices are heard, added Duncan-Williams.

Ramaphosa’s critics for lack of youth in his Cabinet looks at the next local government elections as the turning point for the youth.

Young people are encouraged to work independently for themselves as the ANC led government has proven to be anti-youth through the recent cabinet reshuffle.


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