Principal Gunned Down At Gauteng School

Gun and Bullet

A principal was shot and killed at Buyani Primary School in Finetown, Gauteng on Monday morning. The Gauteng Department of Education addressed it 


The school principal of Buyani Primary School in Gauteng was shot and killed at the school's premises on Friday morning.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson, Steve Mabona, confirmed the news and said MEC Panyana Lesufi would soon be making his way to the school.

Well, we've just arrived and still waiting for the MEC to arrive as well, but the brief that we got is that the principal drove in there are men that came and started firing shots and that the just that we, but we will get more details on what really transpired.

"The police are on the scene as you have already indicated and we are still waiting for the pathologist to also remove the body. So we will be informed by the police on what is that they have because we still need to be briefed on that," Mabona added

The school has since been dismissed for the day and the Gauteng Education Department spokesperson added that the department's psycho-social team has been informed of the incident.

Our psycho-social team has already been informed for the children that were here really need support and we will arrange with the parents, but we have recommended that the school be dismissed today.

One parent who had brought her child gave a description of what she saw upon arrival and that she is worried about the safety and well being of her child and those that witness the incident.

I came this morning accompanying my child to school and when I was nearing the gate I heard gunshots go off. I think it must have been seven times. I then asked my child to go back home. I then came back to enter the school through a second gate and I approached the cars I noticed that it had a lot of bullet holes on the driver's door and the and principal was laying unresponsive inside the vehicle 

The story is still developing as the MEC is yet to arrive and the cause of the shooting yet to be determined.

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi later arrived at the school to the scene of the incident and would offer his condolences to the family, the school as well as the community. 


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