Possible Phase Two of the Teaching Assistant Initiative?

The Department of Education discusses all the important matters that took place over this last week. There are talks of new school programmes, a possible phase two of the teaching assistants initiative, and school netball being broadcasted on live TV. We have all you need to know on the education sector, right here.


Over the last week many things have been taking place in the education sector of South Africa.

Stories of new governing body selections, new curriculums, school Netball leagues and much more are being discussed by the Department of Education. 

Presidential Youth Employment Initiative 

The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative was implemented to address the countries economic state over the pandemic.

The programme was so successful that even though it was only meant to run from December 2020 to March 2021 it go extended to end of April.

There was over 300 000 young people across South Africa, that were employed as teaching assistants or general assistants.

The programme did not only provide jobs to the youth of South Africa but, also training that will assist them in the long run.

There were issues of assistants not being paid for their hard work but, the Department of Education ensured that it was a short lived issue.

When asked if there would be a second phase to the initiative,  Tsekere Maponya, BEEI Project Management Officer said: 

With regards to phase two, it is something we would like to see happening at the basic education sector... we have put together a proposal to the National Treasury but, we have not receive any feedback just as yet.

So it seems that there could possibly be a second phase if all goes well for the various Departments involved. 

School Governing Body

Recently the induction of the new School Governing Body (SGB) members has been underway.

This takes place every three years and is not just made up of group of parent but, a group of stakeholders. There are various components involved, such as learners, parents, teachers and financial stakeholders. 

The SGB is the parliament of school, it's the highest decision-making body in the school.

Says, James Ndlebe the Director for Education, Management and Governance Development.

He says that being on the SGB requires members to be patient and come with open minds, as that is what the learners need for their success. 

The members are urged to work together and agree to things as a collective in order everything to result in the best possible outcome. 

Coding and Robotics Pilot Programme 

The Department of Basic Education is excite to introduce coding and robotics into the school curriculum. 

The decision was made to implement these two new programmes into the school curriculum in aims to prepare and upskill leaners for future job opportunities. 

The Department ensures that regardless of where in South Africa you are situated, you will have this opportunity, they said:

The selection of school that are going to pilot come from, cities, townships, villages, so it is all inclusive because, to test the curriculum you must test it with the entire space.

Soon schools will be offering robotics and coding programmes to its learners. 

School Netball to be showcased on TV 

A new school netball competition has been launched for netball players across South Africa.

Working with, Multichoice, DSTV, Super Sport and my other departments, they will be broadcasting the new netball competition on various sports channels across the country.

The new league includes schools with netball teams all across South Africa. 

Many have expressed concern over the Covid-19 regulations in place, but the parties involved ensure that there will be strict Covid-19 protocols in place to prevent any kind of infection spread. 

Soon we will be watching our youth participate in netball games that could potentially change their lives. 

Schools would like to emphasize that in many cases sports is just as important as academics in schools.

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