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Police make arrests on the first day of lockdown


The South African Police Services (SAPS) have arrested people for disobeying lockdown rules. This comes moments after the official start of the national 21-day lockdown.

Hours before the lockdown was set to begin, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed soldiers and the police, asking them to keep South Africans off the streets and indoors during the lockdown period. However, some South Africans just could not resist socializing and having a few drinks once the lockdown had commenced. 

SABC News reported the police making arrests in clubs and taverns in Johannesburg minutes after the lockdown had begun. Clubs and taverns are prohibited from functioning and selling alcohol during the lockdown period, as they are not essential services.

The start of the lockdown has also brought the confirmation of two covid-19 deaths, making these the first in South Africa. The government urges all South Africans to stay at home and obey the lockdown rules because breaking the rules is a criminal offence, which could lead to jail time.

You may only leave your home if you are: providing essential services, seeking healthcare, collecting grant money or in need of food.

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