Parents Are Encouraged To Take Children For Routine Vaccines

The effects of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic saw less children getting their routine vaccines, as the movement of South Africans were restricted. Parents are encouraged to get these vaccinations up to date as soon as possible. 

Routine vaccinations are important for children's health says the Independent Community Pharmacy Association of South Africa.

They are calling on parents whose children missed their regular routine vaccines to get this up to date as it is vital. 

Jackie Maimin from the association spoke to eNCA and said that children in primary schools should be getting their vaccinations and specifically getting their flu vaccines. 

She says that the vaccinations must be brought up to date before students have to return to schools where they are exposed to all kinds of sicknesses. 

Maimin said even children who are going to be homeschooled should be keeping their vaccinations up to date. 

She also encourages parents to speak to pharmacists about what vitamins they can give to their children, as doctors and medical professionals have recommended that people take vitamins to aid their immune systems should they contract Covid-19. 

Parents must make use of their children's 'Road To Health' booklet to see what vaccines their children must receive. 

"If you have a child who has any particular illnesses... then I really recommend you speak to your pharmacist or your doctor and work out the risks [of sending them to school] for that child," Maimin said. 

More than 1 700 teachers have died due to Covid-19 and to prevent more teachers from getting infected, Maimin asks that parents do a symptom check with their children before sending them to school and keep them home should they display any symptoms. 

"We need to keep our teachers safe, we need to keep the other children in the class safe as well."- Jackie Maimin, The Independent Community Pharmacy Association of South Africa. 


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