Overcrowding At SASSA Paypoints Addressed

After the recent overcrowding at SASSA paypoints, the agency has urged beneficiaries to kindly visit their nearest paypoints when collecting various social grants. Beneficiaries are encouraged to do so as the country is experiencing the third wave of COVID-19.


The South African Social Security Agency has recently issued a statement encouraging social grant clients to visit their nearest paypoints when collecting their social grants. This statement was released after overcrowding was observed at various SASSA paypoints.

The agency has encouraged social grant recipients to adhere to COVID-19 protocols when visiting SASSA paypoints in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. These protocols include:

  • Wearing masks in the proper manner, where it covers the nose and mouth.
  • Sanitizing hands often.
  • Maintaining social distance.

SASSA stated that it is in the interest of social grant clients to visit their nearest paypoint instead of collecting their grant payments far from their homes, as it will save them money and also reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Beneficiaries are reminded that paypoints are not the only options for collecting their grants. They may also collect their payments from stores/merchants and ATM's or swipe their SASSA cards to pay for goods.

Totsie Memela, the SASSA CEO, stated that "South Africa is currently experiencing rising numbers of COVID-19 infections and unfortunate deaths. It is therefore critical for the agency to take extra precautions, which is why we urge our clients to utilize nearby paypoints and avoid long queues."

The agency advises beneficiaries to avoid large crowds and rather collect their grants during "quiet times" for their own safety. 

Grant payments will remain on their cards until they use it, so beneficiaries are reminded that they do not need to withdraw the money on the first day of payment.

SASSA services will continue with strict standards and measures put in place to protect clients and staff.

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