Over 4 Million R350 Grants Paid Out

SASSA has paid out millions of South Africans with the R350 grant. However, is it enough? South Africans have been desperately gravelling for this grant as Covid-19 pushes vulnerable South Africans even deeper into their daily struggles. SASSA has said that they have improved their operations. 

SASSA has paid out over 4.4 million South Africans since launching the Special Relief of Distress grant which pays beneficiaries R350 a month. This grant has been the lifeline for some South Africans during this uncertain time which calls for support. 

This grant has however seen many issues. It's no secret that R350 is not a large amount of money or enough to properly sustain someone for a whole month. Many organisations as well as some political parties have called for the grant to be increased.

SASSA however has said that they are dealing with problems previously seen in disbursing the grant. They have now noted that improvements have been made after many glitches were experienced since the beginning of this grant. 

In efforts to make payment of grant easier for beneficiaries, SASSA introduced more flexible ways of getting the R350. Beneficiaries can now choose where they receive their grant money and also change the method of transaction.

Beneficiaries can now make a choice of where it is most convenient for them to receive their grants. They can also change from one payment method to another. If funds are being received through the Post Office, it can be changed to a bank account and if you receive funds through a bank account but prefer the Post Office, you can now change it. You can also change the bank you receive funds through should you want to. Bank accounts must be open and in the beneficiary's name.

As for the increase of the grant, The C19 People’s Coalition has said that it’s not enough and won’t be able to meet the nutritional requirements for one person. They demanded that SASSA should make it a larger grant.

Those who have issues they would like to be seen to or any questions, can now contact SASSA through WhatsApp. You will need to Add 082 046 8553 as a Whatsapp contact and type "SASSA". Then type 'FAQ' and select the "Frequently Asked Questions" category and follow the prompts after that. 


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