Over 100 Students Fall Sick Due to School Feeding Scheme


Over a hundred students at a school in the Gauteng province fall ill after eating tin fish from the schools feeding scheme. Learners were hospitalized and many of them experience other terrible food poisoning symptoms. 


Over a 100 leaners in a Mamelodi, Gauteng school fall sick after eating food provided by the school feeding scheme. 

After eating tin fish provided by the school, 111 children have fallen ill, with some even needing to be hospitalized, because of the food. 

One of the students that ended up in hospital said that other learners were fainting and vomiting. 

The children's parents and guardians are all worried for the lives of their kids. The mother of the boy who was hospitalized mentioned that she did not want her child to end up in the hospital because, of the fear that he might catch something more serious, as the Covid-19 cases are raising in the province 

Since the incident the feeding scheme has been temporarily shutdown. 

The school has made the decision not to close because, they can't afford lose anymore school days. 

The school has decided that they will be opening a negligence case against the Education Department to get to the bottom of the food poisoning.

One of the staff members of the school has also mentioned that the learners will now have to go without food, which affects their performance at school.

The Department of Education stated that they will be investigating the matter so they can figure out the root cause of the issue.

Feeding schemes are many children's only source of food and they rely on it, because it is now temporarily shutdown the learners of the high school will remain without food for some time.

Currently there is still no one that has been held accountable for the hundreds of sick learners. 




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