Organisation Promotes Reading In Young Children


In an effort to encourage young children to read in their mother tongue, the South African Post Office and non-profit organisation, Nal’ibali have partnered on a project which encourages children to do just that.


Nal’ibali, the non-profit organisation, produces fun and interactive reading material that is assembled by children, while the Post Office makes the reading material available to children for collection at its branches at no cost.

Katie Huston, the Nal’bali acting Managing Director, stated that the non-profit organisation has made 80 000 reading supplements available for people to collect at post offices and 400 000 supplements have been delivered to preschools, schools, and reading clubs.

All reading material is available in 11 of South Africa’s official languages.

Learners, teachers, librarians and caregivers are urged to join the Nal’ibali tribe by emailing [email protected].

The following information should be included in the email:

  • Name and postcode of your local post office.
  • Name of your reading club, library, or school.
  • Cellphone number of school or reading club which can be put on the address label.

The South African Post Office announced that “children who read in their mother language have a better understanding of what they are reading than those who read in another language.

The battle to learn to read in another language is probably enough to put many children off reading, and therefore learning, for life”.

A year ago, the reading supplements were available at only 46 Post Offices.

Huston stated that “this increase was made possible by the partnership Nal’ibali has with the SA Post Office. We were able to do this by using the branch network of the Post Office; everybody knows that there is a Post Office in almost every village”.

Nal’ibali did some research which indicates that children, teachers and parents enjoyed the reading material.

Parents and teachers reported that the material helps children develop their reading skills and provides children and parents with the opportunity to spend quality time together.




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