Online Learning Brings Change To The Education Landscape


The world is no longer what it used to be pre-2019. The emergence of the Covid-19 virus has changed way we live life. More and more people are opting for online learning but there’s an important element that DBE has raised about online schools.



Online learning is becoming a more prevalent in South Africa, however the downfall of it all is the fact that there are virtual schools that aren’t regulated.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has started consulting with online schools.

The Department aims to finalize its policy and regulatory framework, a framework that’ll outline what it defines as an online school quality assurance and the accreditation of some qualifications.

“We are already seeing a noticeable migration to online schools in places like Rwanda, where homegrown e-learning technologies are being developed, so the sector on the continent has much to look forward to,” Co-founder of New Leaf Technologies, Paul Hanly said.

There are things that need to also be thought out as people venture into this new mode of learning, Boston Online Education Executive, Ari Katz has welcomed the legislation and shared the following:

In South Africa, it’s critical that we provide infrastructure in terms of internet and technology, etc, otherwise, all we'll be achieving is we'll be widening the digital divide.

Katz has also mentioned how there are a lot of opportunities that will help students grow.

He made an example of Boston collaborating with Cambridge schools for debates, saying this will grow communication and presentation for learners.




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