Online Learning A Viable Option For Most Parents

Many people were not familiar with homeschooling in the past as it was seen as a niche market and people had no idea how it worked. The uptake number has increased exponentially in the past 18 months.



Homeschooling is becoming attractive for most parents even though it was seen as niche marketing but numbers prove that most South African parents are transitioning to this form of learning.

In March 2020, parents and their children were exposed to online tools as learning transitioned from contact learning to online learning. 

Managing Director for Optimi Home, Louise Schoonwinkel said homeschooling has opened up parents to online learning being viable at this point in time.

Schoonwinkel also said:

People are looking at different options they previously they wouldn't have looked at and they're actually seeing that it's working for them.

It has been reported that Optimi Home (which operates homeschooling provider, Impaq) registered about 30 000 learners for homeschooling in the last 18 months.

According to testimonials on the Impaq website, a number of parents listed various ]reasons for opting for homeschooling such as their children not fully adapting to the schooling environment, learning difficulties, health-related matters, including bullying, just to mention a few.

Homeschooling has positively impacted children's lives, resulting in their phenomenal progress.

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Schoonwinkel also emphasised that this form of learning is suited for certain children. While some children thrive and flourish in interactions that take place in big classrooms, others need one-on-one attention that can be accessed in online learning.

The pandemic has negatively impacted the education sector, as the sector recorded that 750 000 children have dropped out of the schooling system.

One of the lessons that many have learnt during this time is the fact that there is a huge digital divide and access continues to be a challenge for learners, especially those from marginalised communities.


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