On Campus University Students Urged To Obey Level 4 Regulations

Minister Blade Nzimande appeals to all university students who will remain behind on-campus accommodation residences to act responsibly as the country faces a third wave. This week, the Minister addresses many changes within the higher education sector due to Level 4 lockdown.


During a media briefing on Wednesday afternoon on measures to combat the contagious Delta variant, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande announced that teaching and learning across all higher education facilities has been shifted to online due to the country being moved to stricter lockdown regulations.

The Minister said that student accommodation residences will remain open but urged students, as well as Universities, to ensure that they adhere to lockdown regulations.

In terms of the adjusted level 4 lockdown that has been put in place, our universities do not officially close but all face to face teaching and examinations must halt for the next two week period.

"Learning will shift exclusively to online learning for all students, residences will remain open as it is also not safe for students to travel back home at this time and it is necessary for students to retain access to residence and campus-based WiFi," he added

The Minister also urged institutions to enforce lockdown regulations, as any mass social activities in residences and campuses are prohibited during this period. 

The following was then announced by Nzimande and will now be put into place for Universities:

  • All Universities will manage their own academic activities in line with health protocols.
  • Universities aren't officially closed. However, students are not allowed to access campus buildings.
  • All face to face classes and exams must be paused.
  • Learning is shifted to online learning for all students for the next 2 weeks.
  • Residences remain open as its not safe for students to travel back home.
  • Staff members who can work from home should do so.

Although students won't have access to buildings, there will be controlled access to campuses for essential services and other activities that cannot be suspended.

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