NSFAS Working On New Allowance Disbursement Model

Students who are funded by NSFAS will very often have their complaints centre around NSFAS allowance delays. Now, NSFAS has said that they are working on a new NSFAS allowance disbursement model to improve inefficiencies at the financial aid scheme.


NSFAS is said to be working on a new disbursement model that will ensure that students will know that every particular day of the month they will get funding from NSFAS. 

The financial aid scheme has said that they have disbursed billions of rands to the Universities in saying that “for the next two months, do pay for those students while you are preparing the registration data for them””.

As for students seeing reports that NSFAS does not have money to fund them, the Spokesperson, Kagisho Mamabolo, said:

All our students that are at Universities whose registration data has been received by NSFAS, payment for those has been disbursed. 

NSFAS students should also keep in mind that there are requirements they need to meet to continue being funded every year.

Mamabolo explained that after students are approved for funding, they sign an agreement which stipulates that there is a minimum requirement that a student must reach in order for the funding to continue.

Most of our students do know that if they fail to meet the minimum progression requirement of NSFAS, the funding will fall off and we do understand that all our students that are using our portal online and that have been funded by NSFAS all the time are quite familiar with the rules and guidelines which govern the funding.

“I can confirm that all the students that have progressed and are funded for 2021 received communication from NSFAS, including all the students that did not meet the requirement of NSFAS”

Should you want to check if you are funded, there is a live status update on the myNSFAS portal. You will just need to log in and you will then see the latest status regarding your funding. 

In the case of a TVET College, they will send information to NSFAS and say that the student did not progress and NSFAS will then apply the rules.

Mamabola said, “It has happened that some Universities and Colleges only were able to conclude their final year results in March and in May which therefore meant NSFAS would receive those results by then”.

It was evident however that what NSFAS has said and what students have experienced do not necessarily match up with some students still not having received allowances or any communication from NSFAS.

Some students have said that their fees have still not been paid from the previous years and they are funded by NSFAS.

In response to this, Mamabolo said that they have a new NSFAS board who aims to do better and improve systems and communication with students.

Yonwaba Manyanya, a student from eThekwini TVET College in Durban, passed away last week and NSFAS was blamed for her death.

Allegations were made saying that NSFAS delayed paying Manyanya’s allowances which resulted in her suffering from fatigue and hunger and was left homeless due to not being able to pay for accommodation.

NSFAS has however said that this is factually incorrect as Manyanya was not funded by NSFAS and that they were shocked by the news.

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