NSFAS Virtual Outreach Exhibition

NSFAS has decided to launch a Virtual Outreach Exhibition (VOE). VOE is a part of their new and exciting innovations. The VOE is a live streaming session which will be interactive to allow students to get the whole NSFAS experience.

NSFAS has recently released a Virtual Outreach Exhibition (VOE), as a part of their new and exciting innovations. The VOE is a 3D online portal which will be interactive, allowing the student to experience what NSFAS has to offer.

This online portal will provide potential applicants with a virtual tour of all NSFAS services, products, and real time engagement.

Within the session, students will watch a demonstration on how to apply, which would be very beneficial, especially for those who will be applying for the first time.

There is no need to worry about missing the presentation as VOE is available 24 hours a day. Their aim is to be accessible, innovative, and to connect with students.

In order to access the VOE, visit the NSFAS website.The platform can easily be accessed using a mobile device, PC, or tablet.

Students are welcome to watch the How to Apply video or download any of the NSFAS documents via the platform.

This platform has been set up to make applying for a bursary so much easier than before.

Minister Blade Nzimande has congratulated NSFAS on passing the 400 000 mark on their 2021 Applications. Which will surely increase leading up to the closing date.

NSFAS Applications close 30 November 2020.

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