NSFAS To Start Delivering Laptops By March

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has said that they expect NSFAS to start delivering laptops in March. The Department is also working to make data more accessible to students.

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has said that they expect NSFAS to start delivering laptops in March. The Department is also working to make data more accessible to students.

During his media briefing, Nzimande said:

It is anticipated that NSFAS will be able to start the rolling out the first batch of devices for delivery when the 2021 academic program resumes in March.

NSFAS is still in the process of procuring the laptops as Nzimande says they are engaging with service providers on things such as ordering, delivery, payment and other things. 

Four companies are being used to provide the laptops and NSFAS has been engaging them concerning turnaround times. The turnaround time is expected to be five weeks and more and laptops will be delivered in batches.

Students who are set to receive the laptops are funded by NSFAS and will have their learning materials allowance used to get the laptop. This allowance usually sees the student receiving around R5000 to purchase devices, books and any other learning material needed.

The laptop will then belong to the student and will be used for the duration of their qualification. 

The financial aid scheme is also said to be speaking to Universities and TVET Colleges on how exactly these laptops will be distributed and handled. 

NSFAS has even gone as far as looking at warranties should students need their laptops to be fixed. 

As for whether the laptop a student will receive will be compatible with what they're studying, Nzimande said, "NSFAS is also engaging with individual institutions to assess laptop requirements for their NSFAS students, to ensure compatibility with the relevant qualifications".

Once NSFAS finishes all their tasks, they will then provide institutions with dates.

As for data, Nzimande said:

Our intention is to make sure that no student gets left behind during these turbulent times of the pandemic, but also find a sustainable long-term strategy that ensures that the PSET sector does not revert back to pre- COVID status in relation to access to online resources by students and lecturers.

Nzimande continued to say that they are working on innovative mechanisms to help students who are in areas with poor connectivity access teaching and learning material better.

The Department of Higher Education will now be engaging with service providers to make data more accessible to students. The Minister also said that they'll be focusing on zero-rating educational websites as well. 

Institutions have been using multi-modal methods for teaching which included online work, resources being delivered and even TV broadcasts.

Nzimande addressed the reopening of Higher Education institutions and other related things within the sector. The Deputy Minister, Buti Manamela, and the new NSFAS CEO, Andile Nongogo, was present as well.


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