NSFAS Students Don’t Qualify For R350 Grant, says SASSA

SASSA has said that students who receive NSFAS bursaries and NSFAS allowances will not qualify for the SRD grant. The R350 grant kicked off with it’s second round just last month.


Some students were disappointed when they found out that should they be NSFAS bursary beneficiaries, they will not be approved for the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

One student said that they are interested in the grant because as a Unisa student, they only get R290 as a NSFAS allowance, which is the NSFAS incidental allowance. This R290 is used for any small expenses that arise for these students. 

To this, SASSA responded:

That is the criteria for the special COVID-19 SRD grant.

The agency has also previously, and explicitly, said, “If you are currently funded by NSFAS, you do not qualify for the R350 Social Relief Grant”.

If you are a NSFAS beneficiary and you’ve applied, your SASSA grant status check will then read ‘NSFAS registered’ and you will be declined.

The R350 grant is only available to those individuals who are unemployed, have no sources of income and receive no grants or UIF funds. NSFAS falls under the grant category which then results in NSFAS students not qualifying for the grant.

However, you are able to apply for a NSFAS bursary if you are already receiving SRD grant payments. Should you meet the NSFAS requirements, you will be accepted even if you are a R350 grant beneficiary. 

You will then however no longer qualify for the R350 grant and payments will stop once SASSA does it’s monthly reviews.

Should you however be receiving any other SASSA grants besides the R350 grant, you will immediately qualify to be funded by NSFAS.

Another fact to remember is that the R350 grant has an age limit of 59 but the NSFAS bursary does not.


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