NSFAS Ready To Distribute Almost 50 000 Laptops

Working in collaboration with NSFAS, the Department of Higher Education has released a statement that gives details on how it will distribute the laptop devices as part of it's recently launched NSFAS Digital Learning Devices Program.



On Friday this past week, the Department of Higher Education In partnership with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) officially launched the NSFAS Digital Learning Device Program at South Cape College in George.

Nzimande indicated that it was found that 68% of qualifying NSFAS funded students still required digital learning devices.

47 580 laptops are currently available for distribution, adding that by the end of June there will 22 420 arriving in the country. The minister has also said that by the first week of August 10 000 to 20 000 will be arriving on a weekly basis.

Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, who attended the event and handed laptop devices to returning students said in a statement that they have prioritized the TVET college sector as part of the decade of the artisan theme which was launched in 2014.

I must indicate that the journey towards our achievement today has been both pleasurable and challenging. Indeed, as we celebrate a decade of the extension of NSFAS scheme to the TVET college sector, we are undertaking another first - the first time ever that TVET college students receive electronic gadgets such as laptops!

Nzimande also said that they are in the middle of the decade of the artisan which was launched in 2014 as he explained, "we are working towards producing the artisan of the 21st century - no longer just carrying the hammer and the spanner, but now with an electronic gadget as well".

Students from South Cape College also indicated that they have been experiencing funding issues with NSFAS, resulting in some having to abandon their studies after not receiving their funding since the start of the year.

They say they are fixing it but we are still facing it. We have students who have not received any allowances since the beginning of the year. Now we are in June, at the end of our semester where we have N6 students who have not received payments.

SRC president Lelethu Bobo continued to say that there are N6 and N5 students who were rejected by NSFAS due to a change of course and that they are asking them why they didn't catch that at the beginning of the year, "so it could have been fixed then".



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