NSFAS Beneficiaries Cautioned Against Fake NSFAS Website

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Sound the alarm! Another fake NSFAS website has popped up and it is important that beneficiaries know what to avoid and how to be careful. NSFAS often falls prey to these scams with NSFAS bursary holders oftentimes being the victims.


NSFAS is now urging students to beware of a fake NSFAS student portal which could trick NSFAS bursary holders into giving away their personal information. 

The website is nsfasstudentportal.xaun.co.za. Should you receive messages instructing you to head here, avoid them.

NSFAS has said:

This website is urging students to update their Celbux account details. NSFAS is pleading with students NOT to open this link as this message is FAKE.

Celbux is used for the NSFAS Wallet which could be seen as a bank account to store NSFAS allowance. This scam captures students’ details as well as their Celbux passwords which results in students being robbed of their allowances.

This could be detrimental to students’ survival as many students depend on these allowances for their livelihood and to survive while they are away from home. Some students also use these allowances to provide sustenance for their families.

Students are therefore urged to never share their personal details, Celbux passwords or myNSFAS information with anyone as you are most likely being scammed. 

If you are receiving suspicious messages or calls from fraudsters, you should ignore and report immediately.

NSFAS has previously stated that their agents will never ask for your password or other login info over the phone and should you be asked to do this, you are then probably speaking to a scammer.

Should you have any questions about your NSFAS Wallet, you can contact NSFAS in the following ways:


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