NSFAS Announces Funding Decisions

First year university students have been left worrying about whether they can afford their courses this year after the funding decisions were delayed at the last minute.  The student finance body has now announced that they have finalised the funding decisions for first-time applicants.


The matric class of 2020 had many hurdles to overcome just to make it to their final exams.  The global Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdowns disrupted their last year of schooling in a way that could not be predicted.

As that group of youth try to move to university things haven't got much better.  Even though registration had already opened for universities across the country the Minister responsible for Higher Education announced two weeks ago that the student funding body NSFAS did not have enough money available to finalise decisions on funding for first-time applicants to university. (Returning and qualifying students were able to re-register).

After the national Cabinet met this week Minister Blade Nzimande announced that money budgeted to the Department of Higher Education and Training would be reprioritised so that all applicants for university places who also qualified for the NSFAS funding criteria would be funded for their studies.

On Saturday 13th March the National Student Financial Aid Scheme announced that funding decisions have been made and released to students.

Students Should Check Their MYNSFAS Account Status

All applicants for funding from NSFAS will have an account on their student portal, MYNSFAS. The organisation has advised all applicants to check their accounts on the MYNSFAS portal to see the outcome of their application.

You can check your application here

Students who have been approved for funding - and also have a place available for them at a university - will be able to finalise their course registration.

Appeals Process

If their application for funding was not accepted there is an appeal process available.  This can be done via their account on the portal where supporting documentation can be submitted.

NSFAS Official Announcement

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