NSFAS Allowances Have Been Cleared For Release

The College of Cape Town Management team has released a statement on how NSFAS funding will be allocated to all eligible students for the year 2021. They've also given answers to how much NSFAS beneficiaries will receive as allowances.


The College of Cape Town has sent out a notice to all students concerning NSFAS, covering allowances, appeals and applications.

Following a Financial Aid meeting with the College SRC on 24 April, it was said that NSFAS allowances are cleared for funded students who are eligible to receive them from the end of May.

Trimester 2 students are being verified and will be fully paid by 25 June 2021, said the College. Should you not be paid, you need to appeal for the college to clear with NSFAS.

They then went on to say that additional payments will be made during this and every week of June 2021 for successful applicants.

All NSFAS returning students will be paid subject to progression and registered for 2021 at the College. Should they not have been paid, students are urged to consult the Bursary clerk on their respective campus to submit an appeal for them at the bursary office.

The College is computing NSFAS due to students. The following important information on NSFAS allowances for 2021 was shared:

  • Personal Care Allowance - 2, 900 annual paid per month
  • Transport Allowance - R7,350 annual paid per month
  • College Residence - College will be paid by NSFAS
  • Private Residents - R25,200 Annual paid per month
  • NCV Annual (Including PLP) - 10 monthly payments
  • R191 Semester- 5 monthly payments by semester period
  • R191 Trimester - 3 monthly payments by Trimester period

The above allowance amounts are limited to one PLP, NCV or R191 course per student per year. These details are according to the DHET-NSFAS Bursary Rules applicable for 2021. 

The College is applying the full rules applicable to NSFAS Student applications. As for NSFAS appeals, students who have not appealed on 17 May 2021 for any short/unfunded will then be seen as having had no claim.

Should you however still have a claim, the College requires you to complete an appeal form and hand it into the College by 11 June 2021. The College will then consider your application.


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