NSFAS 2021 Applications Will Close Today

Today is the last day for NSFAS Last Chance applications to be submitted for 2021 funding. NSFAS opening up this funding window was the first time in NSFAS history that this was being done.


After today, NSFAS will close their funding window and no longer be taking applications for 2021 funding. Applications originally opened on 8 August, giving students just under a month to apply.

NSFAS made this possible after student leaders made them aware of there being students who are eligible for NSFAS funding but aren't funded by NSFAS.

The board then went and looked at whether they have the budget for this and also considered the impact Covid-19 has had on financial circumstances on families. This is the first time in history that the financial aid scheme has implemented this kind of action.

This would also be the very first time NSFAS does this, in support of financially vulnerable students.

Applications for the 2021 funding was not done in the same way NSFAS applications were always done. Students had to submit their details to their University and the University would then draw up a list and send that list to NSFAS.

After this, students will then be contacted by NSFAS and granted permission to apply on the myNSFAS portal.

Students who are eligible for this funding are those who are registered and studying at one of the 26 public Universities and qualify for a NSFAS bursary but did not previously apply. They also need to not have any other financial aid in place and must meet the NSFAS requirements.

These students need to have a household income which is between R0 and R350 000. Students who are living with disabilities need to have a household income which falls between R0 and R600 000.

NSFAS has said that should your application for this window period be successful, you will then not need to submit a 2022 NSFAS application. Once funded, NSFAS will migrate funding to the other years to continue funding the students.

Students who find themselves unfunded due to the N+ rule are now allowed to apply during this funding window as they have already exceeded the maxim number of years for funding and do not meet NSFAS progression criteria.

The 2022 application period has not yet opened but will open in September. Should you be rejected with this 2021 funding window, you can still apply when 2022 applications open.

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