Not Sure What Your NSFAS Bursary Application Status Is?


Have you applied for the NSFAS bursary, but you're still unsure of what your NSFAS application status is? Here's what you can do to find out the outcome of your application or appeal. 


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) bursary provides millions of South African students with funding for their tertiary studies at public universities and TVET colleges.

NSFAS covers the cost of registration, tuition and learning materials. They also provide meal and transport allowances to students.

While thousands of students were approved for NSFAS funding, others were rejected and were able to appeal the outcome of their applications. 

Many students have questioned why their NSFAS application status has not changed after they submitted all the relevant documentation along with their appeal. In response the bursary scheme has noted that applicants' funding status will not immediately change after they submit an appeal. 

NSFAS stated: 

You are not funded by NSFAS yet. You will only appear on the funded list if your funding or appeal is approved. You will need to wait until an outcome is reached for your appeal. 

The bursary has further advised applicants to monitor the myNSFAS portal regularly to check if their funding status has changed. 

Those with unsuccessful applications should note that they only have 30 days to appeal their rejection status upon receiving the outcome of their funding application.

"Students wishing to appeal must upload all required supporting documentation to substantiate the reasons for the appeal. Appeals should be submitted within 30 days of having been assessed as unsuccessful," NSFAS explained. 

To find out who can appeal and how to submit an appeal for NSFAS, click here. 






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